Progress – 27/2/13

After my problem regarding CRB checks, I emailed various companies to see if they wanted me to make them podcasts for their website. I sent out emails including my soundcloud, and informed them that I would work with a brief set out by them, and it would be a great promotional opportunity for them, and generate more content for their website.


Since then I have had a meeting with ‘The Old Joint Stock Theatre’ on 22/2/13 which went incredibly well, we discussed all the various different podcasts I could make, and a fee was even mentioned if everything goes well.


Tomorrow, 28/2/13, I have a meeting with ‘Acting Out’, I will be taking my recording equipment, and hopefully be getting my first lot of content! 


My meeting with Halesowen also went incredibly well, and I was informed that as long as I am supervised by teachers, I will still be able to do my original idea. So my role now has changed to freelance audio producer. 


My business also has a name and a branding identity. ‘Poetic Roar’, as I wish to work with creative people and organisations. I now also have a twitter, Facebook, and will also set up a SoundCloud page, once my first podcast under that name is complete. I have also set off for business cards in order to give to clients, in order to promote professional practise. 





About amandajohansson

I'm Amanda, a 20-something book and lifestyle blogger from Birmingham, UK. Hufflepuff, feminist, tea drinker.
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