Podcast making?

After some research into making features for a college, I realised that in order to get a team of college students together and work with them, I would need a CRB check. Due to time constrictions of the deadline being the beginning of May, there would be no time in order to get my full CRB check and complete this project fully in the way I had envisioned. 


However, I do have a meeting with Hannah, from Halesowen College on Thursday, I am just waiting to hear back from her for a confirmed time, and I will discuss the project further and discover if Halesowen College would still like to be involved. 


I have decided that rather than give up on Halesowen College and my idea of working with college students, I will instead make podcasts for the college, rather than with them. I can still make my content around the topic of getting into the radio industry, just not work directly with the students. It would still be a gap in the market as I can ask my interviewees their opinions on degrees/experiences, which would be a huge help to students wanting to break into the radio industry but unsure if they want to continue on to higher education.


I am also planning on emailing live music venues and becoming a ‘freelance podcast maker’, rather than just the college project alone. This will help me bring my working hours towards this project up, and also help me gain more professional practice and gain contacts. 


I have a meeting with Sam tomorrow to discuss this idea further. 


About amandajohansson

I'm Amanda, a 20-something book and lifestyle blogger from Birmingham, UK. Hufflepuff, feminist, tea drinker.
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