Halesowen College

Beths reply - 5:2:13My reply - 5:2:1311:2:13

On 5th February, I heard back from Beth, the director in creative arts at Halesowen College showing an interest in my project, she asked if I could let her know my availability to meet up to discuss the idea. I replied on the same day outlining my availability for that week.

It’s been almost a week since I had my initial reply from her, so today I sent a following email just to remind her of my project, and that she asked to inform her of my availability. Hopefully I shall hear back from her at some point this week.

Today I am going to focus on creating an ‘identity’ for my project. I am going to create a name, logo, and social media platforms. This will make my project look like a professional business, as opposed to a university project. It will also give some depth and stability to my project. It will also give me something to show to colleges and sixth forms that would like to discuss my project.

Having completed that, if I still haven’t heard back from Halesowen College, I am going to start emailing other college radio stations – I have found one in Coventry that I might email. And if that doesn’t work I’ll branch out into colleges that have no college radio and ask permission to upload their features and radio content online instead. However age restrictions may prohibit me from doing that, I shall have to talk to their college teachers beforehand if it comes to that.


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I'm Amanda, a 20-something book and lifestyle blogger from Birmingham, UK. Hufflepuff, feminist, tea drinker.
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