In terms of competition, there is a lot of websites and videos that include advice on “getting into radio”, the main one I found that provides a lot knowledge is They include video interviews from Ben Cooper, who is a programme controller for Radio 1 and 1xra, and also a video of radio presenter, Trevor Nelson.

Due to my project being on a smaller scale, I wouldn’t be able to compete with TheIntern, as they have managed to source inspiration people that have gained knowledge in this area. However, by using college radio and college students as my niche, I am providing something that is specifically catered for them, rather than for everybody who is thinking about breaking into the radio industry.

Other noteworthy websites that provide competition are The Pips and blog, ‘So You Want to Work in Radio?’ However, ThePips also provides a platform for inidivudals to promote themselves and their audio, as well as hints and tips regarding breaking into the industry. So You Want to Work in Radio is a past student project that provides friendly and helpful posts to anybody who wants to build up their knowledge of radio.

So, as stated and proved, there is a lot of content that already exists online about making it in the industry, however, when searching for ‘college student radio advice’ in search engines, there was little advice for college students specifically. My project will encourage college students to ask industry professionals their own questions by arranging interviews for them, it will also have college/sixth form students at it’s heart, and aim to provide a service for them specifically, this will provide my project a niche, and will be filling a gap in the market.


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