College Radio Stations – West Midlands

After doing some research regarding college/sixth form radio stations within the West Midlands, I have discovered that quite a lot of college offer media courses, and some even specific radio training, however only a few have a campus radio station. The three main ones I found include PB Radio, which is a community station run by Plantsbrook school and sixth form in Sutton Coldfield.

PB Radio Homepage URL:

There radio station has a very professional looking website, that would mirror a commercial stations branding, on their main page you can see events happening in the local community, song request pages and links to DJ/Presenter profiles. These are all things that would be present on commercial radio stations website. In terms of already established branding, and radio identity, PB Radio is so far the best example I have found.

Transmission Radio URL:

However, I also discovered Transmission Radio, that is owned by the Birmingham Met College, they do not have their own external website and are only currently featured on the Birmingham Met, the streaming is also currently down at the moment, so I was unable to listen, however this might turn into an advantage due to working with college students. If the broadcast is only aired to the students, I may not have to gain permission slips from parents, school etc to make my documentaries.

The final station I wish to mention is HCR, which stands for Halesowen College Radio. This is the college I went to, the radio station played into the canteen and around the college. You can also now listen to the station online via iTunes, and they have a SoundCloud page where all recorded interviews are, and also a Flickr page for photographs of the students involved and various events.

Each has an email address present and over the next week I shall email all three of the station in order to discuss working with the students and what permission/CRB forms would need to be filled out. I shall also start to compile a list of my projects competitions, for example other forms of media that are advising young people into the career of radio.


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