Tailoring my idea

My initial production idea was to have created a series of radio documentaries aimed towards college students advising them into the media industry, for example a documentary focused on journalism, and another about television etc. I aimed for these documentaries to be played on various local student radio stations such as Scratch FM and Kic FM.

However, after my first meeting with my production tutor, Sam Coley today, we have discussed my target audience and whether they would be listening to university stations at all. It is more than likely that college students will prefer Radio 1 programming over student radio, which creates a problem for me as Radio 1 would then be my competition. I was also originally going to make each documentary 20 minutes long, which is a long time to ask of young listeners.

In order to solve this, I have decided to create much short documentaries of 5 minutes each focusing on a different specialism in radio production for example presenting, producing, station sound, music programming etc. This will be more beneficial to me, as I have been a radio production student for almost 3 years, drawing upon my own knowledge will make the documentaries sound more informed and professional.

After my degree I want to pursue a PGSE in post-compulsary education as a aspire to be a college lecture, this gave me the idea to get college students involved in this production. As opposed to creating my own content for students, it might be very interesting to get college students involved. I would then take on the role of executive producer and editor. I like the idea of media documentaries aimed towards college students, made by college students and played on college radio.

Their is a niche in the market for this as not many companies have tailored content towards college students, whereas there are currently documentaries about getting into radio that are doing it much better than I would be able to, for example, radio 1 have interviews and advice from all of their presenters, that realistically I would be unable to get.

Over the next week I shall develop this idea further by researching my competition, researching college radio stations, and discovering compliance laws for college students. Next week I shall blog about my findings, and record all contact I have made with people.


About amandajohansson

I'm Amanda, a 20-something book and lifestyle blogger from Birmingham, UK. Hufflepuff, feminist, tea drinker.
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